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Fetchr is your private online media library and bittorent client.
Download torrents at insane speed without exposing your IP address.

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Why use Fetchr?


When you torrent with Fetchr your IP address is not exposed like it is with a regular torrent client. Anything you download is between you and us.

Sizzling speeds

Most torrents take under 5 minutes to "fetch" and start streaming. Smaller ones, like TV show episodes, take under 1 minute.

Accessible anywhere

No need to carry your files with you anymore. Use any device with a browser to access your media library anywhere.

Save bandwidth and electricity

No more need to clog your connection with dozens of torrents or leave the PC on overnight.

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How it works

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1TB Storage

200GB/day Bandwidth

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Please note: all of our plans come with a 30-days moneyback guarantee. You can request a refund for whatever reason you fancy within 30 days of signup and we'll return your money without asking any questions.

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